Making Plans - Part II

Images from Top Left, Clockwise: 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05

Images from Top Left, Clockwise: 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05

Last week, I talked about where we are at this very moment in our house and what I would like to ideally tweak/adjust. Above are some beautiful inspiration images that I have been lusting after for a while on my Pinterest board, here. I understand that white is the thing on the internet these days, but I love something about a good moody, cozy room that feels a bit eclectic with new shiny pieces and old worn objects from the flea. As you can see above, the rooms are all a bit dark, a few antlers, fresh white dishes and some old and new pieces. I am hoping to take these underlying ideas and pull them together in our home. Of course, there are a few decisions to be made, so check out the plan options below. 

As you can see in the two plans above, the only major differences are the dining room tables themselves; the rest of the pieces remain the same. I originally wanted an expandable, oval table. After some serious hours hunting, I have come up with nothing that felt just right. The oval Eero Saarinen inspired table worked well, but the hubby was not a fan at all. Typically, he doesn't say much, so when he voices an opinion, I feel like I should listen. So then I started thinking that a typical rectangle could work nicely as well with the right finishes. Once it was placed in plan and tweaked a bit, it became the better solution for sure. Not everyone has the resources to create a plan and check out various options, but I highly recommend it if you can. I still plan on marking it with tape in the dining room to confirm the size one last time before having a custom table made! The big change in both of these, is that the seating arrangement in the living room will become tighter, cozier and the walkway from the backdoor is a bit tighter, but still useable. 

Above are a few of the pieces we either already have, or what I am looking at to purchase. When designing, it is important to think of function and form. Sometimes it is hard to find exactly what you are looking for, but no one wants to live on eggshells in their own home. Nothing is officially final, but this is the general direction I am headed with a few explanations, pricing and sources below! 

  1. A beautiful metal console table. I don't know if this is my final selection, but I do like the dark metal finish and gold pulls. This house doesn't have a ton of "hidden" storage, so the more drawers the better and a simple shelf below for styling! 
  2. My current, probably long time, Dante Sofa from Arhaus. This was our first big furniture purchase for this house. I love the sleek lines, neutral color and I think it will only be better with time! This sofa isn't going anywhere unless it gets destroyed or we move and it is too small for the space. 
  3. The gold and marble coffee table I am saving up for. This pretty piece is around $1100, but works perfectly at 58"w x 28"d. I also love the rounded corners and the softness it brings to the space. It is also a pretty durable piece, so you can throw your feet up on it and not worry about breaking it unlike glass. 
  4. Two matching "worn" leather chairs are way down the road. I want these to be super comfy and possibly even recline. Of course, these wouldn't be on the inexpensive side, so a sale and savings will be in the future for these bad boys. 
  5. A dining table is number 1 on my list right now. I want something pretty simple with a white "marble" top. The overall space could use a bit of bright, white and a "marble" quartz is super durable and beautiful. The one shown above is from Restoration Hardware for an insane amount of money, but I am hoping to find someone to make it. Still working on the details, but it is looking promising for sure! Will have more info once it becomes a reality! 
  6.  Eventually a rug would be nice, but want to hold out for an actual table. The colors in this one work nicely, but ideally a darker rug would be good to hide stains and such so we shall see. I do like the mix of gray, cream and copper in this one from West Elm. Still on the hunt though. 
  7. My newly purchased chairs! These were a steal for $160 from Everything But The House. They need to be reupholstered, but it is just the seat, so the price shouldn't be too bad. I am thinking a gray velvet shown above. I haven't decided if I want to refinish them or not, but I am thinking no. The height works great in our space and they are strangely comfortable to sit on for a dining chair! Really excited to see the finished product! 

As I mentioned before, these items aren't being purchased tonight on my credit card, but will take some time and savings, but at least I know what I am aiming for and if it is all going to work together. Because turning a house into a home is a process, some of these items may be tweaked or may never happen, or we may add additional pieces (chandlier?). Either way, I am excited to see it come to life, sooner rather than later I hope! What are your home goals?