Patio Inspiration

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It is finally spring, and I am dying to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. The past few days have been a bit dreary with spring showers and winds, but that doesn't mean I can't start dreaming of warmer days and sparkling wine. The past few years we have been slowly been adding bits and pieces to the back porch and flower beds which I have showcased here and here. This year, it is all about adding a stone patio as a walkway and a place to gather around our fire-pit. We spend most evenings - work days and weekends - in our backyard, so it only makes sense to add to the space! Of course, I can't create a space without some inspiration, so here is what I have so far... 


Above is our backyard currently. What you don't see is the back porch set-up as we hadn't pulled it out from storage yet (it is officially out now though) and all the beautiful flowers Tyler planted which are starting to sprout. The chairs are for general placement and the fire-pit was a gift from my parents that we use ALL the time. We aren't doing an in-ground fire-pit as we want the flexibility on the patio for possible dining or seating. 

Sources: 01, 02, 03, 04, & 05

Sources: 01, 02, 0304, & 05

Above are a few images I have been hoarding/dreaming about for a while. Our overall concept that we try to continue to reference while selecting flowers and laying out our yard is "Controlled Whimsy." Of course, everyone sees images differently, so below are the reasons I am drawn to each image. 

  1. This image may be on of the first images I pinned when we bought our house. The flagstone along the side of house mixd in with mulch seems so intimate, soft and inviting all while still bringing color and control to the space. Who couldn't love this image? This image is what I keep referencing if I ever have question of direction. 
  2. This past summer we went to a beer garden in San Fran and they had huge wooly blankets you could borrow while enjoying the cool night air and a cold beverage. We use the outside almost 9 months a year, so a few wooly blankets draped over some chairs would be perfect for fires in the fall. (Ideally hoping to find some inexpensive blankets that I can dry-clean). 
  3. Obviously, I love flagstone, and the colors of this are perfect mixing the grays and tans together. I also think this would be the way we achieve our "circle" for the fire-pit space "connecting" the flagstone together. 
  4. The flagstone mixed with flower beds and grass is really what I am going for. The patio will be coming off our back porch on the ground, and ideally it should all feel organic, yet connected. 
  5. The sparkly lights, the lounge chairs and a roaring fire all beckon to sit at for hours. This is all on the grass, but at the end of the day, this is the atmosphere we are trying to create in city!  

So that leads us to the question... which chairs should I buy to go with our fire-pit patio? Ideally we would have 4-6 chairs and they should be easy to move because most likely we won't leave them out all the time and if so the cushions will come in for sure. I also want them to be extremely comfortable. If its a beautiful night, we may be sitting in them for hours. I also want to make sure they go with what we already have and give off the right vibe, so which ones do you think we should go with?

  1. A really playful, comfortable chair from one of my favorite stores - Target. These are $211 for two chairs and a side table! In person these are more tan than gray, but are they too "cool." 
  2. These chairs are easy to store and set-up, which would be nice as I do think they might blow away if there was a storm. I like bringing a touch of wood onto the patio and I could easily add a few pillows to make these more comfortable. For only $50, I could easily get 6 of these and store them no sweat. 
  3. Who doesn't love a good Adirondack chair? These would be a bit heavier and probably not move in and out. The white would be fresh and tie back to the porch, and I can easily see the blankets draped over them. This style of chair can be super pricey, but I found these for $60! 
  4. This whole set is pretty, and I kinda want to just have one in my house, but not sure if it is really right for the vibe we are creating outside. They do look comfortable, but are $100 a pop and I don't know if I love them that much. Thoughts? 

Check back to see the beginnings of our back yard. We have marked it out and are getting quotes so we can compare DIY'ing the job or getting some help. I am hoping we have a complete patio by mid-May, so keep your fingers crossed for inexpensive quotes! And I would love any input on the chairs or if you have any expert advise! 

Happy Spring!