Potted Plants

Image 13.jpg

The last time we posted, it was back in April, about our patio renovation. The brief update is we are moving forward with the stone patio!!! After quite a bit of discussion between Tyler and I, we have decided to hire someone for the stonework, and we will be adding the additional landscaping. I can't wait... it begins in June which is a little later than I wanted, but still exciting! I will have an update for sure once it is completed!

On another note, I wanted to share my current mishap. We had a very sad situation going on in our front entrance, which really needed to be taken care of 2 months ago, but I just hadn't done it. Unfortunately, I have a very black thumb - not gray - black. About 6 months ago, I decided to purchase a Fiddle Leaf Fig for our entrance. I looked everywhere and finally found one online at Home Depot, here. They didn't have them in the store, so I ordered a plant offline and surprisingly it showed up looking just like the image and ready to be potted. However, it didn't last long...

Image 04.jpg
Image 02.jpg

As you can see above, the plant was on its last leaf - seriously. I see them all over blogs, and they bring such life to a space, so I figured it was worth a try. Of course after purchasing the plant, I decided to do some research on how to keep a Fiddle Leaf Fig alive. It didn't take long to learn that about 80% of people kill their fig plants, which of course means, my percentage was closer to 99%. I really did try, but as you can see it was a bit of a failure. 

I found this cute Ponytail Palm, shown above, at Lowe's in stock and for a grand total of $10.98. The plant has great texture, height and color, which is really what I needed in my entrance. It also had a tag saying "Plants of Steel," which I think basically means its impossible to kill - a win win all around. 

Image 09.jpg

Repotting the plant was simple, and took about 10 minutes. I used my existing pot from Ikea, a bag of potting soil and that was about it. I took everything outside and threw my sad Fig plant away and planted the cute, happy looking Ponytail Palm, which I have started to call Suzi. 

Above, is the finished product sitting proudly next to our heavy Buddha, which we hauled back from Thailand 3 years ago. Already there is much improvement in the entrance, and it looks a bit more lively. I am debating on whether adding art above the vignette, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. It may happen this weekend, but no promises. According to the Steel Plant instructions, the Ponytail Palm takes very little water or care. So here is to keeping an indoor plant alive; let's hope it lasts longer than 6 months! Do you have a green or black thumb?