Back Patio


As I just took a nap on our back porch, I can honestly say that this "room" is used the most in our house. We use it from April to October without question and more if weather permits. So we had been thinking about expanding the space and creating a patio for more lounging, late night s'mores and sparkly lights for sometime. We looked at all sorts of inspiration images (which you can check out here), mapped it out, and talked to various people about the project; we decided to move forward with the project. It has been a couple months now, but it is finally complete! 


If you don't remember what we started with, above is our backyard without the patio. And in this post, you can see what we did a few years back for the porch, which was mostly furniture and accessories. When we moved in 4 years ago, there was no landscaping, truly bare bones. Originally I was disappointed, but it has been a blessing in disguise, as we have slowly made the house into our home. Each year, we have added flower beds and this year, we went big and added a patio with surrounding flower beds and maybe a couple new pillows...


Once we figured out what we wanted for the patio, the question became whether or not we were going to do the labor ourselves or hire someone. After thorough research and discussion, we decided to hire Best Yard Care in Cincinnati to lay the stone and we would finish the landscaping portion. I would say it was probably the best decision we made. The job wasn't cheap by any means, but they did an excellent job and the stone was all done by the end of May. We spent the month of June adding details including the landscaping, lighting and painting adirondack chairs for hours! 


I wanted a bit of a refresh on the porch as well, so with a few yards of fabric and a Saturday afternoon, I had a few new pillows. We added an assortment of perennials and annuals to allow us to move plants around this fall. There are a few flowers that need to be split up, so filling in with a few annuals for the summer worked out perfectly. I mostly worked with neutrals with a touch of blue, yellow and pink on the porch, so I tried to continue that down in the flower beds as well. Since we didn't have flower beds, it wasn't that difficult to be consistent with color. I think if I already had flowers I would have just done whatever I wanted on the porch. 


Overall, the patio has been a fun project that has kept us busy for quite a few weekends both working and playing. We have already spent significant amount of time enjoying both the porch and patio. I can't say I want summer to be over, but I think the fire pit and chairs will be put to good use with cool nights. I do want to add some additional wool blankets to the mix, but biding my time for now. What have been your summer projects? 

Happy Relaxing! 


Ps. If you have any specific questions about the process, please ask away! Happy to give more details on anything particular. 

Pss. These photos were a bit trickier than I anticipated. I wanted to have the sparkly lights, but it was hard to know the perfect light and how to alter the photos. Would love to hear any tips!